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Voicemail FAQ

How do I setup my Voicemail?


To setup your Voicemail, Login to your Itelfone member section and:

1. Select Features
2. in voicemail feature, click on subscriber link.

You may subscriber and can forward the calls to Voicemail Number on three conditions,

•  Unconditional
•  Busy
•  No Response

In Unconditional case all the calls coming to that number will be routed to the Voicemail number.

In Busy case if the number called is busy then the call will be routed to the Voicemail number.

In No Response case the call will ring for configured time and then if there is no response in that period of time call will be routed to the Voicemail number.

How do I read my Voicemail?


From your Itelfone phone:

1. Dial 110
2. When prompted dial your 10 digits account number followed by #.
3. When prompted dial your 4 digits pin number followed by #.
4. Press 1 from the Voicemail menu to listen to your messages.

Read Mail menu option

1 Auto play the unread mails.
2 Read the unread mails.
3 Auto play the read mails.
4 Delete the read mails.

How do I configure my personal greeting?


Press 2 from the Voicemail menu to record/edit your personal greeting.

1 Record your new personal greeting.
0 - Confirm & approve your new personal greeting.

How do I configure my mail box?


Press 3 from the Voicemail menu to configure your mail box.

0 - Configure your mailbox as information only.
1 Configure your mailbox for receiving message.

Can I receive my messages by Email?


No. You can only check your messages using your Itelfone phone.

Can I receive Voicemail messages as text?


No. You can not receive Voicemail messages as text.

How much Voicemail capacity is there?


Itelfone will allow you to store up to 5 messages of 2 minutes duration.

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