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ITelFone Brings VoIP Savings to 31 Million US Households Living without Internet

Houston, Texas - June, 16 2008 - VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), the future of telephone service in the United States, saves telephone users hundreds or even thousands dollars a year on their telephone bill by using an Internet connection to connect to telephone service. Up until now, however, VoIP access was limited to users with Internet access, precluding millions of American homes.

The iTelfone's iToggler now makes it possible to make telephone calls, all without an Internet connection, and saves users up to ninety percent on their phone bill! "The iToggler is a sophisticated hardware device which can route your long distance and international calls through an Internet platform, even if you don't have Internet!" says iTelfone founder and CEO, Dinesh Shukla. The tiny device simply attaches to any landline phone to automatically route calls through different vendors and allows customers to use the same phone equipment and dial the same way as before. All incoming calls and outgoing local calls are routed through local service providers, while the long distance calls are routed through different vendors. Customers do no have to change their phone systems or even the way they dial because iToggler does the work for them! Additionally, the iToggler technology allows its users to retain their local phone service provider for services such as security system monitoring and 911 emergency calling. "Security and emergency services are of major concern to many who have internet connectivity but have not switched from traditional phone service to VoIP service providers (like Vonage and Lingo). With iToggler you get the best of both the worlds - keep your reliable local phone service provider and still realize the savings offered through VoIP technology," states Shukla.

iToggler offers a wide variety of contract-free monthly plans intended to meet the needs of every customer. For example, the residential calling plan offers unlimited long distance calling within US and Canada for under $10 per month. Special calling plans for South Asia and South America slash the prices of what most international providers offer, and people can stay in touch with family and friends for as low as 2.5 cents per minute to India,Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala and Honduras. For more information on keeping control of calling charges without sacrificing quality communication with iTelfone's iToggler, visit www.itoggler.com.

ITelFone Corporation is registered with FCC to provide low cost nationwide internet phone service and international calling card services. ITelFone is affiliated to VIP PowerNet Inc., a company established in 2000 to provide nationwide low cost internet services like internet access, domain registration, web hosting, web designs, and medical transcriptions. For further information visit: www.itelfone.com and www.vippowernet.com

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