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Why be an Itelfone Affiliate?
Join the Itelfone affiliate program to be part of the lowest priced Internet Phone Service in the country! Itelfone also offers highly competitive phone service along with international calling that is both reliable and high quality service. For plans starting at $7.50 per month*, Itelfone is the ideal choice for Internet phone users looking to save money while still receiving quality connections and services.

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Benefits of becoming an Itelfone Affiliate:
  • High Commissions
  • Start earning money from your website today
  • Free to Join and real-time tracking allows for fast activation
  • Work with a well-known, trusted leader from the industry.
  • Web based real-time reporting of your earnings
  • Give your visitors or readers easy access to our great service and earn money as well.
  • Access to great creative to put on your site.
  • Referral checks sent to you each month distributed on the 15th of the month.

How does it works?

The Itelfone Affiliate Program is a 1st Tier program.

Commissions will be paid on sales that are made through your approved affiliate site link. Upon receipt and approval of your application, we will supply you with banners and text links to place on your site or email newsletters. Once the banner or link is on your site, we will then begin tracking conversions and clicks from the creative. When a visitor to your approved site clicks on the ITelFone banner or link and then signs up through Itelfone, you will receive a commission per signup from your site.

Do you qualify as an affiliate?

Acceptable websites for the Itelfone Affiliate Program will

1) Have "live" status when your application is submitted. (Sorry, we cannot accept sites under construction)
2) Not contain content that could be classified as unsuitable. Unsuitable content includes (but is not limited to) that which is defamatory, harassing, harmful, obscene, racially objectionable, or unlawful.

Please note that Web site approval is at the sole discretion of Itelfone.

You must agree to use the exact HTML that is provided for links and graphics without any type of modification (Alteration of the banners and text creative may result in your site not receiving credit for transactions)

Customers who signup from Itelfone site will be deemed to be customers of Itelfone only.

To get Started:

Click on the link below. Complete an online application. You will then receive an email as to whether or not you have been accepted as a Itelfone affiliate. If you are accepted, you will receive detailed instructions for placing creative and receiving reports. Thats it! and you are ready to go!

* Based on Annual Subscription
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