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E911 FAQ

How do I enter/update my e911 service?


During registration of your service, you will have to provide us with your physical address where e911 service will be registered. If you need to update your address, please log into your member section and click on "E911 - View Status" and then click on "Update address ". You will need to re-agree to the terms each time you update your e911 service.

Do I need to test 911 Dialing?


Please do not test “911”. Please know that testing 911 Dialing when there is not an emergency can be punishable by law. When you activate your e911 dialing, you will receive an email confirming the activation of your e911 service. Once e911 is activated, should you ever do need to use the e911 service, it will work.

Should I update my e911 if I recently moved?


Yes. You will need to login to your "member section" to update your street address so we know where to send your 911 call.

Does the Itelfone SoftPhone offer 911 Dialing?


Yes, you can dial a 911 call from your soft phone. You will not automatically route to your local emergency personnel. You will be routed to a national emergency call center, where you will need to give your address and emergency. They will help route your call to the proper authorities.

What is the cost for E911 Service?


An E911 Cost of $1.50 applies to each line of service.

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